Performance Pool Products Spill-Over Spa and Inground Spa

Spill-Over Spa on Polymer Wall Pool

Inground Spill-Over Spas and Tanning Ledges

The Spill-Over Spa or Inground Spa is the perfect pool side companion. Let it bring tranquility and relaxation to your backyard. It's adjustable massaging jets working together to ease your stress, aches and pains. These spas were created with comfortable, ergonomically designed seats tiered to fit all family members and friends. Each spa is vacuum-formed from a single sheet of acrylic then over laid with fiberglass for added structural support.
Spill Over Spas and Tanning Ledges Colors
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Spill-Over Spa and Inground Spa Shapes

Round Spill-Over Spa

Round Spill-Over Spa

Scalloped Spill-Over Spa

Scalloped Spill-Over Spa

Scalloped Inground Spa

Scalloped Inground Spa

Square Spill-Over Spa

Square Spill-Over Spa

Spill-Over Tanning Ledges

If you like being on the cutting edge of things, how about adding our newest addition, the fiberglass spill-over tanning ledge, to enjoy in your vinyl pool! Built fiberglass strong, these tanning ledges come in several styles to accommodate the most discriminating vinyl pool owner.
Spill-Over Spa Large Picasso

Large Picasso

Spill-Over Spa Large Gemini


Spill-Over Spa Large Semi-Circle


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Spill-Over Spas & Tanning Ledges

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